Songs of Life | Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Welcome to the third month of Songs of Life blog circle.  Each month we are given a song and can interpret it any way we would like.  It could be from the song title, song lyrics, or the overall theme/message from the song as inspiration for the images.  This month the song is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” You can read the lyrics or listen to the song.

This song has such a special meaning to me and takes me back to my childhood.  There were so many different ways I could have interpreted it.  I thought about it for days, but every single time I thought of the song, it brought me back to when my sister was a baby, swinging in the swing.  My memory could be a little off, but I swear she lived in her swing and this song was playing 27/7.  Lucky for me, I have a baby (a very cute one I might add), who was able to help me show my vision and interpretation of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  Next up is the very talented Lucy of Lucy Elayne Photography.  Click the link to see how she interpreted the song!

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