The cutest Southbury newborn girl came to my studio! Gabriella was 10 days new when she came in for her newborn portraits. You might remember her mom and big sister because they had come in for maternity portraits a couple months prior. Gabriella had gorgeous dark hair and cheeks you just want to squeeze!

Southbury Newborn Girl: Gabriella 10 days

I love the newness and simplicity of this image below. Just a little new being looking so peaceful. While I love color and accessories, there is just something that really draws me in with this image. So simple and so beautiful.

southbury newborn girl. pink newborn photography


THIS is Gabriella’s color! I love all shades of blue on little girl. This particular shade was made for her. The contrast of the pink and teal makes me smile. Plus the adorable baby 🙂
teal wrap and pink flokati. newborn portraits. southbury newborn girl


Family Photos

Parents and their new baby <3. I love how you can really see the size and tininess of a new life when held in the arms of their mom and dad.

mom and newborn. southbury newborn girldad and newborn girl. southbury newborn ct photography

Oh if you only knew what went into making this image happen! Sibling photos are unpredictable. Although it wasn’t easy, we were able to make this happen. So worth it!

newborn and sibling portraits. southbury newborn girl

Special Props

This blanket was handmade as a gift for Gabriella. I loved being able to incorporate it into her newborn portraits.

white and pink newborn girl. southbury newborn girlnewborn baby in crate. southbury ct newborn photography

Look at those little toes! I think I need to order some new product samples so I can display this image in my studio. It is one of my favorites!

taco pose. newborn photography ct

Newborn Photography CT

Newborn photography is a genre like no others. It takes the knowledge of photography and training in newborn photography. The safety of your little one always comes first!

Newborn sessions are often booked during pregnancy to guarantee availability. Complete the contact form for more information!

Now booking up to August 2017 due dates!

Oh sweet Xavier. He was such a cutie when he came in for his baptism milestone. He was almost 4 months and had the most gorgeous eyes.

baptism milestone: xavier 4 months

This baptism gown is one that I have seen before. It was worn by Xavier’s cousin, who happens to live down the street from me. How great that it gets to be used again!? The plan is to use it for all future cousins as well. Yay for more babies!! Both cousins names are embroidered on the gown and the idea is to go “up and up and up” as mentioned by Teagan’s mom :). However, she did say we’d have to wait. Therefore I’ll have to try to be patient.

baptism milestone photographybaby boy baptism milestone sessionboy in baptism gown and basket for photo sessionboy baptism gown photo session

baptism portraits

I have been finding that baptism portraits have been becoming more popular lately. It’s really a great way to photograph your little one before the big day. Many parents use the images for thank you cards.

Since Xavier was such a good sport, we had time to change him and take a traditional portrait. As a result, we got this super handsome photo of him. Just look into those eyes of his and it seems like you’ll be lost forever.

4 month portrait baby boy

Since you just saw this adorable baptism portrait session, want to schedule your own? CONTACT US to set up a baptism milestone photography session!

This year I decided to take on a new photography project. Something that was for me, where I could learn and grow. I have seen many photography friends accomplish this project over the last several years. It’s a huge project, and one I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish. I’m now 2 months in, so have a little more confidence in it. The 365 project is taking one photo a day for 365 days. It might sound easy, but I can’t tell you how many days I almost forgot. And then there was that one day that I did forget. I’m letting it slide…. although it drives me crazy!

365 | A Personal Project: January

This project can be done with any camera, but as a photographer I have chosen to do it all with my DSLR. I am using available light only, working on capturing my family and our day to day activities. The month of January was taken all with the same lens, 35 f/1.4. One of my favorite lenses and the main lens I’ve been using for my 365 project. I hope you follow along as I’ll be posting a collage of each month. Welcome to my world!

365 project. January collage of a photo a day for 365 days.

Has anyone else started a 365 project? I’d love to hear how it’s going and follow along!

Baby Hunter was 9 days new when he came to my studio from Newington for his newborn session. He won me over with his cute little expressions, smiles, and smirks. He is already working on listening to his parents. I have a funny story below :).

Newington CT | Newborn Photographer

newington newborn photographer navy boy blue

New Year Baby

Hunter was my first newborn session of the year! Mom had brought this ADORABLE new year hat for Hunter to wear. I love the way the photo came out.

newington newborn photos. new year baby newborn photography

Gray & Navy Newborn

Gray and Navy were the main colors we used during his newborn session. Those are some of my favorite boy colors and they looked great on Hunter!

newborn photography boy. newington ctnewborn photography outfit. gray hoodie. newington ct newborn photographynewborn photos. boy gray on gray. newington ct

Look at that little smirk! Hunter was full of them as well as yawns.

Mom & Dad

I am just swooning over these photos of Hunter with his mom and dad!

newborn boy and mom. newington newborn photosnewborn with dad. newington ct newborn photography

Baby Yawns and Eye Contact

I mentioned above that Hunter had lots of yawns. He also had a lot of eye contact. Funny story for you. Hunter came into the studio sound asleep in his carseat. Dad was looking around at some of the products I have on display. One of them is a little girl with eyes wide open. He commented that he would love a photo like that of Hunter. Well he asked, and Hunter delivered!

awake newborn boy. newington newborn photographynewborn eye contact. newborn photography ct newington

After making dad happy, he got tired and gave me the cutest little yawns! I can never get enough of newborns yawning.

newborn yawning black & white. newington newborn photo

CT Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions typically take place between 6 – 16 days of age. Booking often takes place during 2nd trimester as my schedule fills up quickly. I am now booking newborn sessions with due dates from February – July 2017! It’s never too early to pre-book!

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