trumbull newborn | photography ct | camryn 13 days

Miss Camryn was a 13 day Trumbull newborn when she came in for her session. I had photographed her brother, Conner, in December 2015. I love seeing their growing family and meeting his little sister.

Trumbull Newborn: Camryn 13 days

Camryn was 9 lbs 8 oz at birth. Coming home in size 1 diapers, she reminded me of my own son that was 9 lbs 2 oz at birth. I love squishy, chunky babies!

trumbull newborn photography ct baby girl on gray

Growing Family

I love capturing these early moments. Going from a family of 3 to a family of 4. It is so special to have a new family photo as your new adventure begins.

mom and newborn girl. trumbull newborn photography

How gorgeous is this family!? new family of four. trumbull newborn photography ctdad and newborn girl. trumbull newborn photography.

Gray, Mint Green & Purple

Mom had told me that she looked through my website to get color combination ideas. It’s not a surprise that she landed on the colors of gray, mint, and purple. I love that combination for girls! Every color looked great with Camryn and she just rocked her session!

mint and purple newborn session. trumbull newborn photography ctneutral newborn. trumbull newborn photography ct

Baby yawns get me every time. yawning newborn. trumbull newborn photography ctmint and purple trumbull newborn photographypurple and gray newborn photography. trumbull ct

While Camryn had a very sleepy session, she had a very alert phase in the middle. She just stared and stared at me. Look at those gorgeous eyes!wide awake newborn photography. trumbull ct

CT Newborn Photography

I recently posted on FB about my availability this year. Newborn sessions are booking up FAST! I recommend booking your session during pregnancy. The exact date of the session will be scheduled after your little one has arrived. August and November are very full right now with limited spots.


August – 1
September – 2
October – 3
November – 1

To book a session, just click here to fill out the contact form. I’ll send you all the details about my newborn sessions. If you choose to book, it can all be done online!

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365: a personal project | may

OK, so I know it’s July and I’m just posting May. What can I say. Summer has been busy with the kids home. I’m still plugging along with the project. All 31 days were completed in May and I’m on a roll. I’ve started thinking about weather I’ll be doing the project in 2018 but haven’t decided yet. However, I’m glad that I did it this year. I’m putting together a book that will have all the photos from this project in it. It will be so rewarding!

Take a look at past months!



365: A Personal Project | May

365 photo project

sweet baby boy | newborn photography ct | milán

This has been the year of girls for my business. I was so excited to photograph sweet baby boy Milán. He is only the 3rd newborn boy to come into my studio this year! Isn’t that crazy? There has been an abundance of girls so I loved having a baby boy to cuddle. Milán was 12 days at his newborn session and I don’t think I ever saw his eyes!

Sweet Baby Boy: Milán 12 days new

sweet baby boy wrapped in blue. newborn photography ct

The Best Big Sister

I am in LOVE with these sibling images. Newborn and sibling images are often the toughest part of my job. However, big sister did AMAZING! She was shy in the beginning, but she took my hand as I brought her to the shooting area. Mom stayed behind a bit and then magic happened. Big sister did exactly what I asked and we ended up with some amazing sibling portraits.

sister and newborn brother. sweet baby boy newborn photographysibling and newborn portrait. sweet baby boy newborn photography ct

Mom came in for a photo with her beautiful children and then one of her and her sweet baby boy.

newborn family portrait. newborn photography ct

mom and newborn son portrait. photography ct

White, Blue, and Brown

The colors chosen for Milán’s were a combination of white, blue, and brown. I especially love him on blue, but he looked amazing with all colors.

sweet baby boy newborn portraitnewborn photography ctsweet baby boy newborn photography ctnewborn portraitct newborn photography

CT Newborn Photography Availability

Interested in a Newborn Photography session? Summer availability is limited. Now booking Sept – Jan due dates. It is best to book during pregnancy as availability is limited.


Newborn Portfolio

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family photography danbury ct | emily & charlotte

Two year old twins, Emily and Charlotte, gave me great exercise on this beautiful night! I’m not sure if either of them sat still for more than one second. We ran, jumped, and sang some songs. Good thing no one was video taping! The summer is perfect for family photography Danbury CT. Beautiful dresses and full lush trees make for beautiful light.

Family Photography Danbury CT: Emily & Charlotte

toddler twin sisters. family photography danbury cttwo year old portrait. family photography danbury ctoutdoor 2 year old. family photography danbury ct

Sisterly Love

This is one of my most recently all time favorite photos. I might have ordered a print of this image for my studio bathroom. There’s nothing like sisterly love!

toddler sisters kissing. family photography danbury ct

Family Photography Sessions

Family photography sessions are now being booked for summer sessions. Fall sessions will start booking next month! I know that sounds crazy, but October is a crazy month in Connecticut and dates go FAST! You can sign up for our newsletter to get notified when we release fall session dates.

When you schedule a session, you also receive information on what to wear and tips for a successful family session. It’s time to update your walls with new portraits of your loved ones.

View our portfolio of Family Photography and contact us for more information on scheduling a session.