fall family photography: fairfield county ct

I can’t believe I’m talking about fall family photography when it seems like spring just started. It’s not quite time to book fall sessions yet, but I usually start booking them mid summer. This past fall was crazy busy with family sessions that I didn’t have time to blog all of them. So I thought I’d take a little time now to blog a few of my favorites from mini sessions I held last fall.

Fall Family Photography: Fairfield County CT

little boy on crate. fall family photography fairfield county ct

There’s nothing like a little boy sitting on a crate. So serious and inquisitive.

happy photo of toddler boy. fall family photography ct

The delight of a happy boy. Love seeing that little tooth starting to pop up!

siblings photo on crate. fall family photography ct

Brother & Sister! If I have this correct, they are my 1st cousins, once removed 🙂

photo of mom and daughters. fall family photography newtown ct

A mom and her two daughters. Just pure love!

professional photo of sisters. fall family photography

I love the similarities and differences of these sisters. Reminds me of my kids with the different hair colors.

brother and sister sitting on crate in field. fall family photography newtown ct

Oh the smiles and happy faces!

family of 4 photo. fall family photography

This family is pure joy to work with. So much positive energy just pouring out :).

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Spring & Summer Family Photography

Fall is not the only time to update your family photos. Family photography sessions take place throughout the spring and summer. Think the lush colors of summer with flowy dresses and sandals. I had my own family photos done the end of summer and I just love the colors.

No matter the season, you can fill out the contact form to find out more information on family photography. Sessions take place in the evening when the light is flattering. It changes depending on the month and the location. Sessions can start anywhere from 3:30 in the fall, to 7 pm or later in the summer.

milford ct | baby calliope 9 days new | newborn photography

Baby Calliope had the most amazing head of hair. She was 9 days new when she traveled from her home in Milford CT, to my Newtown CT newborn studio with her big sister and parents. Even though Calliope’s mom told me via email that she had a lot of hair, I couldn’t believe how much! Her jet black hair amazing, as well as her beautiful eyes.

big sister with newborn baby milford ct photography

Milford CT: Baby Calliope 9 days new

Calliope was 6 lb 10 oz at birth and as you can see born with a full head of hair. There were no hats put on her during her newborn session. Just some headbands as there was no way I could cover up that gorgeous hair!

9 day newborn girl wrapped in purple. milford ct newborn photographysnuggled newborn photography on pink. milford ct

Family of Four

From a family of three to a family of four. I love capturing the love of a new growing family. While the days are long, and the nights are longer, I love being able to give families images like this. One day when their kids are grown, and perhaps moms of their own, they will be able to look back on these images. I absolutely love the photographs I have of myself as a baby with my parents and would have loved to have ones like these.

dad holding newborn daughter. milford ct newborn photographymom holding newborn daughter. milford ct newborn photographynew family of four photo. milford ct newbornfamily photo with newborn. milford ct photography

Shades of purple, pink with pops of yellow & teal

I love mix and matching colors and especially adding pops of color! The main colors in Calliope’s session were purple and pink. We also added some accent colors of yellow and teal. Such a girly and beautiful newborn session. Calliope was a dream and only had her eyes open in the very beginning and the very end.

purple and aqua newborn photo. milford ct photographymacro newborn photography. milford ctyellow and pink newborn photography. milford ctprofile newborn photo. milford ct photography

Alert Newborn

OK, so while my prep information has helpful tips to make sure you have a sleepy little one….. I love happy and alert newborns. Key word – happy ;). This face of Calliope’s just cracks me up!

awake newborn girl with funny expression. milford ct newborn photosnewborn eye contact photography. milford ct

Newborn Photography: Milford CT

Thanks for viewing Calliope’s newborn session. I would love for you to tell me what your favorite image is in the comments below!

For more information on a newborn photography session, fill out the contact form. It is recommended to booking before your little one has arrived as availability is limited and fills up quickly.

four generations of women | happy mother’s day!

Happy mother’s day to all your wonderful moms! Yesterday my mom and grandma came over in the morning. When my mom called her mom, “mom” my four year old daughter looks confused. “She’s not mommy!” she exclaimed. I went over to her and said, “I’m your mommy.” Then I went to my mom and told her that Grandma is my mom. Finally my mom went to Gram and said, “This is my mom.” Four generations of women.

While we get together for holidays and events, it’s not often we have a small gathering of us. I almost said “calm” gathering, but with my three energetic kids. it was anything but calm. My mom had come over with bagels, fruit and muffins. We were getting the kids all something to drink, seeing what they wanted. My grandma was looking around and said she wasn’t used to hectic mornings anymore. She raised four girls and many foster children as well. I’m sure she had her share of hectic mornings, but I have a feeling my children are more boisterous than hers were. At one point she told my mom she was thinking of taking her hearing aid out! I understand grandma. I wish I could turn the volume down too 🙂

Four Generations of Women : Happy Mother’s Day!

Since we were all together and were explaining to Piper about the generations, we thought it would be fun to take a “four generations of women” photo. I’m sure my boys were happy to not be included as all they wanted to do was play video games. Gram got a lesson on Lego Dimensions from them.

We headed down to my studio where I set the tripod up. One of my favorite features on my camera is the interval timer that is built into my camera. I set up the interval and how many photos I want it to take in a row. Then I press start and run into the frame. Easy, right? Well after getting over 100 images, the hard part is seeing if there is ONE usable image. We had a LOT of outtakes that are pretty funny. Luckily we were able to capture one and I am absolutely in love with it!

four generations of women photo

Newtown Medispa | updated headshots | professional ct photographer

This winter was a busy time with headshots. Maybe it was being stuck inside on the few snow days we had that got people thinking about updating their Linkedin profile or website. While I don’t market that I photograph professional headshots, it is something that is often requested. Because of that, I figured I’d do a blog post with one of my latest headshot jobs at Newtown Medispa.

Newtown Medispa: Updated headshots

This job was a long time in the making. Deb of Newtown Medispa had first contacted me years ago (about 2014!) about headshots. We had went over a few dates and times, but they were busy getting the new office ready. Like most things with construction, there were delays. So when a month after they were supposed to open and they still had no walls, we postponed the headshots.

Fast forward to 2017 and headshots were on their radar again. Their anniversary party was coming up and it was perfect timing for a fresh updated look! Since they were getting hair and makeup done for the party, we decided I would do the headshots the same day.

newtown medispa ct headshot photographynewtown medispa updated headshotsnewtown medispa headshotsnewtown medispa staff headshotsnewtown medispa professional headshots ctnewtown medispa head shots ctnewtown medispa updated ct headshots

Don’t these ladies look fabulous! We had 10 back to back headshots after they were completed with hair & makeup. I’d love to include all of them, but I was missing some model releases (p.s. ladies, if you still want to be included let me know and I’ll send you the form again 😉 ) I just love the gray color for the backdrop. Not only because it is a great neutral, but also because it goes great with their black jackets.

Thank you ladies so much for having me be a part of your day! I can’t wait to see all these new headshots on your website!

Newtown Medispa specializes in aesthetic medicine, weight loss, skin care and spa services. If you’d like to check them out, see the links below.

Website: http://www.newtownmedispa.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewtownMediSpa/

Professional headshots

So, have you realized your last headshot is from the last decade? If so, Spring is the perfect time to update your headshot! Individual and group rates are available. Contact us today!

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