brookfield newborn photos | Chloe 9 days

So many adorable baby girls lately! Chloe was in the town next door and didn’t have far to travel for her Brookfield newborn photos. She was 9 days new at the time of her session and sleepy *almost* the whole time. It wasn’t until the end that she woke up to give me some eye contact. Just the way I like it!

Brookfield Newborn Photos: Chloe 9 days

I had photographed her big brother at their home in 2013 for a lifestyle session. Pretty sure I mentioned this in a previous post, but so many of my 2013 babies have been having siblings this year! I’ve lost track of the number, but should look it up at some point.

Chloe was a little peanut. She was 6 lbs 3 oz at birth.

pink and cream brookfield newborn photos ctnewborn twist wrap photo. brookfield newborn photos

Pink, Cream & Gold

Chloe’s mom picked out pink, creams, and gold for her session. It was so soft and girly. Simply gorgeous!

This setup below is one of my all time favorites. I love the outfit with the gorgeous halo by prissy princess. There is something so soft and sweet about the pose and colors.

pink and gold newborn photo. brookfield newborn photos ctmacro newborn photo. brookfield newborn photos ctnewborn girl on back photo. brookfield newborn photos. snuggled profile newborn girl. brookfield newborn photos

Little Details

I just love the little details of their tiny ha26nds and toes. My macro lens has been becoming out more often at my newborn sessions. I have to admit, I really love baby toes.

newborn macro hands. brookfield newborn photosnewborn toes macro. brookfield newborn photos


There is nothing more that melts me than a smiling newborn. Sure, they say it’s gas and a reflex. Either way it is super adorable!

smiling newborn. brookfield newborn photos ct

Newborn Photography: Brookfield CT

Thanks for viewing Chloe’s newborn session. I would love for you to tell me what your favorite image is in the comments below!

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365 | a personal project: march

Another month completed! While I’ve started to slack a little bit on my 365 project, I’m still plugging along. This month I missed 3 days.. and April isn’t off to a great start. I’m not going to give up though and hopefully soon I’ll be able to complete the whole month.

Take a look at past months!


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2017 365 project

fall family photography: fairfield county ct

I can’t believe I’m talking about fall family photography when it seems like spring just started. It’s not quite time to book fall sessions yet, but I usually start booking them mid summer. This past fall was crazy busy with family sessions that I didn’t have time to blog all of them. So I thought I’d take a little time now to blog a few of my favorites from mini sessions I held last fall.

Fall Family Photography: Fairfield County CT

little boy on crate. fall family photography fairfield county ct

There’s nothing like a little boy sitting on a crate. So serious and inquisitive.

happy photo of toddler boy. fall family photography ct

The delight of a happy boy. Love seeing that little tooth starting to pop up!

siblings photo on crate. fall family photography ct

Brother & Sister! If I have this correct, they are my 1st cousins, once removed 🙂

photo of mom and daughters. fall family photography newtown ct

A mom and her two daughters. Just pure love!

professional photo of sisters. fall family photography

I love the similarities and differences of these sisters. Reminds me of my kids with the different hair colors.

brother and sister sitting on crate in field. fall family photography newtown ct

Oh the smiles and happy faces!

family of 4 photo. fall family photography

This family is pure joy to work with. So much positive energy just pouring out :).

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Spring & Summer Family Photography

Fall is not the only time to update your family photos. Family photography sessions take place throughout the spring and summer. Think the lush colors of summer with flowy dresses and sandals. I had my own family photos done the end of summer and I just love the colors.

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milford ct | baby calliope 9 days new | newborn photography

Baby Calliope had the most amazing head of hair. She was 9 days new when she traveled from her home in Milford CT, to my Newtown CT newborn studio with her big sister and parents. Even though Calliope’s mom told me via email that she had a lot of hair, I couldn’t believe how much! Her jet black hair amazing, as well as her beautiful eyes.

big sister with newborn baby milford ct photography

Milford CT: Baby Calliope 9 days new

Calliope was 6 lb 10 oz at birth and as you can see born with a full head of hair. There were no hats put on her during her newborn session. Just some headbands as there was no way I could cover up that gorgeous hair!

9 day newborn girl wrapped in purple. milford ct newborn photographysnuggled newborn photography on pink. milford ct

Family of Four

From a family of three to a family of four. I love capturing the love of a new growing family. While the days are long, and the nights are longer, I love being able to give families images like this. One day when their kids are grown, and perhaps moms of their own, they will be able to look back on these images. I absolutely love the photographs I have of myself as a baby with my parents and would have loved to have ones like these.

dad holding newborn daughter. milford ct newborn photographymom holding newborn daughter. milford ct newborn photographynew family of four photo. milford ct newbornfamily photo with newborn. milford ct photography

Shades of purple, pink with pops of yellow & teal

I love mix and matching colors and especially adding pops of color! The main colors in Calliope’s session were purple and pink. We also added some accent colors of yellow and teal. Such a girly and beautiful newborn session. Calliope was a dream and only had her eyes open in the very beginning and the very end.

purple and aqua newborn photo. milford ct photographymacro newborn photography. milford ctyellow and pink newborn photography. milford ctprofile newborn photo. milford ct photography

Alert Newborn

OK, so while my prep information has helpful tips to make sure you have a sleepy little one….. I love happy and alert newborns. Key word – happy ;). This face of Calliope’s just cracks me up!

awake newborn girl with funny expression. milford ct newborn photosnewborn eye contact photography. milford ct

Newborn Photography: Milford CT

Thanks for viewing Calliope’s newborn session. I would love for you to tell me what your favorite image is in the comments below!

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