15 months | CT Family Photographer

Hard to believe that the little guy is already 15 months.  He is so full of personality and loves to play with his big brother.  He’s started to talk and has 5 words and a couple signs.

Magical time of year | CT family photographer

I love this time of year.  It was always my favorite holiday as a kid.  I have so many fond memories of Christmas with my family.  My mom would decorate the house with all of her snow villages.  We would decorate the tree together while listening to Christmas music.  We had a knit mailbox ornament that was my favorite.  Every year when we packed up the decorations I would put something in it.  It could be a note or a dollar bill.  By the time the next year rolled around I had forgotten what was in there and it was always a nice surprise.  Every morning my sisters and I would take turns with the advent calendar.  I also have wonderful memories of searching the whole house for my presents.  I just couldn’t wait!  One of my favorite memories is Christmas Eve.  We would get to open up one present, which always ended up being pajamas.  My younger sisters and I would have a sleepover in my room.  We’d stay up late talking and then make sure to set the alarm so we didn’t oversleep.  I think that is one of the things I miss most now that we are all grown and not living at home anymore.  Christmas day was a little hectic but still a lot of fun.  After we opened presents we would eat breakfast and get ready to head to my Grandma’s in New Jersey.  My Dad lived close to her so at some point I would leave to celebrate with him and then come back before heading home.

My favorite Christmas was the day my oldest son was born.  To me that was the best Christmas present ever and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  It makes things a little more complicated for us as parents but we always make a big deal about his birthday because, well it IS a big deal!  We have passed on many of the traditions we had growing up and I truly hope it’s as magical for them as it was for me growing up.

What are some of your holiday traditions?

Did you notice our elf?  A new tradition this year we’ve started with the boys.

The M Family | Newtown, CT Family Photographer

Meet Matthew and Ryan.  These boys were so much fun and would probably have stayed on the swings the whole time if we let them.  Matthew is in Kindergarten and loved posing and having the attention on him.  Fifteen month old Ryan wasn’t so sure about me but he loved running around outside and chasing his brother.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful of an evening it was for the end of November.  We really lucked out!

Did I mention they also have two chocolate labs?  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many kisses in my life!  These two loved chasing after a ball and running around after each other.  It makes me want to get another dog!

After all the fun and games we made sure to reserve some time for family photos at the end.

I hope you enjoyed your preview.  I can’t wait to finish your gallery!

The D Family | Newtown, CT Family Photographer

I’m going to try to make this quick because it is way past my bedtime.  After everyone in my house went to sleep I decided to start working on editing this gorgeous family’s photos.  I posted one to facebook and was looking for one more to post but before I knew it I had several marked.  So I decided to stay up a few minutes later and post their sneak peek.  Hopefully my little ones will let me sleep tomorrow!

Meet Riley.  She is 9 months old and has the cutest little cheeks.  I’m a sucker for baby cheeks.  If you’ve met my son Ryder I’m sure you know why!