Heather Kelly Photography is a CT newborn photographer. Heather also provides maternity, family, and baby photography.
10 tiny toes

The smell of your brand new baby. The touch of their skin. Their 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes. The clutch of their hand holding your finger. Their cry when they just need their mama. Right now the days are long, and the nights even longer. Survival mode from one day to the next. Hoping for more sleep and maybe a laundry fairy. Wondering how the hospital just let you take this little being home. No nurses 24/hours helping your little one latch. Or answering questions.

these are the moments

These are the moments that you'll never get back. The moments that you'll struggle to remember because you were just trying to remember to feed your toddler. The moments that go by too fast because you're trying to survive. Trying to wait for the next milestone. Hoping for more sleep so you can remember the moments. Then one day you look back on some photos, trying to breathe in the moment they looked like that brand new baby in the picture. 

the experience

Newborn photography is like no other photography specialty. It takes skills as a professional photographer as well as experience in handling newborn babies safely as they are posed. An experienced newborn photographer makes all the difference in your comfort and the images of your newborn baby.

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Experienced CT Newborn Photographer

Heather Kelly Photography is a full service newborn studio is located in Newtown, Connecticut. Heather specializes in newborn photography to capture those sweet sleepy moments in the first few weeks of life. Heather also provides family, maternity, and baby photography. Photography can take place at Heather’s studio or on location at a local park.

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